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Making Ceremonies Unique

Wedding Bouquet

Sophie Urquhart is here to make your ceremony extra special.


With a background as a registrar, Sophie now enjoys the freedom and creativity of being a Celebrant to make your occasion unique. 


Alongside this Sophie has many years of experience as a professional singer.  She can therefore add an optional but truly memorable touch to your wedding ceremony by singing your choice of meaningful songs.



Wedding Photography

Simple or elaborate, traditional or alternative, religious or non-religious… whatever your wish, Sophie can help you.




Losing a loved one can be devastating and exhausting; but wanting to give them the perfect goodbye is so important. 


Christmas Celebration

A naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating your child's birth by welcoming them into your family.

Flowers Candles Funeral

Dear Sophie

A card to convey our appreciation for your excellent, organisation, professional service to celebrate X's long life. 

We cannot thank you enough.  The clarity of your eulogy certainly made a great impression, leaving us feeling calm and comforted when it was all put together.  This is a very important feature in the difficult time everyone faces when death happens. 

Your work involves a special person to undertake this demanding occupation.  You are 'special' in being able to provide all the right touches by heartfelt instinct.  You must not give up this valuable gift you have discovered as it consoles relatives and friends with a memory to treasure and cherish.  

purple flowers

Sophie Urquhart

If you have any questions no matter how big or small please don’t hesitate to drop Sophie a line.

  Tel. 07957 227 955

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